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Printable Colouring Sheets

All Artwork ©️ 2021 Heather Reinhardt

Ever since I can remember, I've loved colouring with pencil crayons. I spent many a happy hour as a kiddo colouring in my colouring books, and have continued to enjoy colouring well into adulthood.

Some of my favourite memories of colouring are of time spent colouring with my mom as her dementia progressed. She really really really enjoyed colouring. Even when she no longer stayed in any of the lines or used any of the "right" colours (Silly Heather, there are no right colours!) she would spend hours just putting colours on the page. And I really loved colouring with her. It was definitely an exercise in letting go. We'd colour together on the same drawing and I learned to embrace her chaotic colouring approach and we made some beautiful and expressive art together.

This is probably more information than you really need, I think I was trying to adequately express how relaxing and freeing colouring can be. 

I had kind of intended to make my mom some colouring sheets with my own art, but never made the time for it (spending time with her was more important than spending time making colouring sheets!), so here's a long-standing intention finally coming to fruition.

I hope colouring these silly drawings brings you some much needed calm and peace during these strange and stressful times.


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