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Hi. I'm Heather!

I started Mumble Tease some time in 2010 for somewhat selfish reasons. I mostly thought it would be awesome to wear shirts with my own doodles on them. Who would’ve thought that five or so years later, designing and silk-screening silly t-shirts would be my full-time employment? I sure didn’t! But here I am and here’s all the work my two hands have produced over the years!

I actually studied to be an illustrator, graduating from the Alberta College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Design, but fell in love with silk-screening when I took a weekend-long Continuing Education course after graduating. 
After that short introduction to the world of silk-screening, printing shirts slowly took up more and more of my time over the next couple of years, until it became clear that illustration was not the path for me, but t-shirts and silk-screening was!

I’ve set up a sweet studio in my parents’ basement here in my hometown of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where I silk-screen each and every shirt by hand, by myself! Lots of work for one lady, but lots of fun too!

The designs themselves all start out as drawings in one of my many sketchbooks. When I doodle, I don’t really have anything in mind when I’m starting out, but just put down a few random lines or shapes and then let my imagination take over, turning those simple beginnings into a world of silly creatures and patterns and general weirdness! I have lots of fun flipping through pages and pages of drawings to find the next Mumble Tease designs.

Then comes the really magical part: seeing my drawings come to life silk-screened on the fabric. I really do love what I do, and feel so grateful that there are other people out there who appreciate my art as well. T-shirts have become the perfect way for me to share my whimsical art and sense of humour with others in a functional and accessible way. I really feel like I’m brightening the world one silly shirt at a time!

Thanks so much for taking a look!

Heather from Mumble Tease