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  • Imagination Station - Silk-Screened Art Print on Fabric

Imagination Station - Silk-Screened Art Print on Fabric


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Product Details

  • Original artwork drawn and silk screened in Calgary AB, Canada
  • 15.75" x 20.5"

I can't remember where the words "imagination station," came from. I'm not sure if I made it up, or if I heard it somewhere, but either way, I liked the sound of them together and thought about what an imagination station might look like. I imagined a little train that pulls into a station, which, of course, is very colourful and castle-like and has lots of weird shapes and patterns on it. Before the train pulls in, he's kind of dull, but after a stop at this station, he's all fun and colourful.

15.75 x 20.5 inches Unframed Print
Screen-printed on Navy Fabric 
Printed with water-based, non-toxic fabric inks
Printed by hand, by the artist, in small editions

All of the fabrics used for the prints are vintage or reclaimed fabrics that are sourced from a magical fabric sale that happens once a year in Calgary organized by the charity Ujamaa Grandmas. Donated fabric fills the basement of a church, with most fabrics going for $1/metre, and all proceeds going to the charity. It's honestly one of my favourite days of the year and has led to me having a large and cherished collection of amazing fabrics. Because they are purchased second hand, I cannot be sure of the fabric contents. 

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