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Summer 2020 Festival Update

Posted on April 13 2020

Wow! To say it's been a crazy spring is an understatement!

I'm happy to report that things are ticking along here at the Mumble Tease headquarters (aka my home office...). I'm working on new designs and trying to plan for the summer as best I can.

Which brings me to the announcement that the Lilac Festival, which was to be held on Sunday June 7, has been cancelled. I usually have a pretty awesome annual clearance sale at the festival, so I'll be working on moving it online instead this year. 

Things are still up in the air for all the Folk Festivals. I'm an accepted vendor for this year's Winnipeg Folk Festival, and am just waiting with fingers crossed, hoping that the festival will still happen. I've applied to a bunch of others and am waiting to hear back from them. As they're likely waiting to see how this situation plays out and are trying to plan accordingly. I can only imagine the stress involved in that!

So, while the Lilac Festival is cancelled this year, I'm remaining optimistic that the folk festivals will be a go this summer. I hope you're staying happy and healthy and to see you in the real world soon! 

-Heather from Mumble Tease

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