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Posted on March 14 2018

I sometimes struggle with how much of my personal life I ought to share when talking about Mumble Tease (as a one lady company, it can feel like I am Mumble Tease, and I wonder how and to what degree to keep business and personal lives separate). I mostly try not to mention it too much, but it feels like I need to share a little bit more about my personal life in the past year.

2017, while being another great year for Mumble Tease, was a strange and challenging year for me personally.

My Dad passed away in the spring, kind of suddenly, the first day of the May Market Collective. Carrying on and going to the market anyway seemed easier than cancelling, so that's what I did, with lots of help from family. Weirdest market experience I've had... Really drove home how tough being a one-lady company can be, something like that happens and you can't just call in to work and take time off... At the ripe age of 87, it was his time, but it's still been hard. 

(Here's my parents visiting me at the 2014 Christmas Market Collective!)

The more challenging thing though, has been watching my mom's dementia quickly and steadily progress. She turned 75 in December (yes, my parents waited til late in life to have children!) and it seems tooooo early for her to be where she is.

I made the decision this past fall to cut back on the number of markets I would attend to make spending time with my mom more of a priority, and it was pretty weird to watch many Christmas markets pass, and to not be participating in them.

I've also made the decision not to participate in any markets this coming spring. Again, trying to make time with my mom a priority.

(This is us during the holidays!)

So the next market I'll be setting up shop at will most likely be the Lilac Festival in Calgary, June 3rd. I'll still be applying for a number of folk festivals (Winnipeg Folk Fest is confirmed already!!), and hope to see you all in the summer.

And, of course, there's lots of goodies in the online shop, so you can always get your Mumble Tease fix for the spring that way.

Thanks so much for reading and for all the support. It's likely going to be another tough year, but I trust it'll also be another good one.

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