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Posted on September 26 2017

After a whirlwind summer of five folk festival in two provinces and a territory, I finally have this past summer's designs photographed and online! Here's a look at the new designs and the new styles and colours.

Mumble Tease Summer 2017 New Designs

I definitely went a bit more "out there" for this summer's collection, choosing some stranger doodles from my books. For the red one which I've titled "Folk Gnome," I wanted to do a design inspired by Folk Art, and this is what happened! I ended up piecing together bits of different drawings, starting with the gnome-ish guy as the main subject. It's been fun hearing other people's interpretations of this design, they've been rather varied!

Folk Gnome Sketchbook Doodle

The black one above was based on the doodle below, which I came across when flipping through my books on the hunt for new designs and really liked. I flipped it sideways because I thought it made a neat shape across the body, and then added in the figure on the left of the shirt, so that the general shape of the design is a big handprint. Hi-ya!

Handprint Statues Sketch

And then I came across this doodle in my old Sketchbook Project Sketchbook, (If you haven't heard of The Sketchbook Project, check it out here) with the theme "Strange Neighbours."

Strange Neighbours Sketchbook Project Drawing

Strange Neighbours - Double Sided Print

I had the idea to turn it into a double sided shirt with the weird organically shaped house (lots of people think it's an underwater rocket ship...) on the front (I decided a bunny would probably live at this kind of house), and then the more normal looking house on the back (of course, this is the kind of house a beaver would live in). Printing on both sides meant twice as much work for me, but as usual, the cool idea won out over practicality. A labour of love, truly. 

And then these are the different styles and colours of older designs that I added for the season. Tanks and sweaters and v-necks oh my!

Mumble Tease Summer 2017 Collection Grid

I almost forgot! There's a couple of beeeautiful new kids shirts too! Those colours!

Mumble Tease New Kids Shirts Summer 2017

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